The Legend

Would you like to create the very best ginger beer cocktails on the planet? Try this locally produced, real cane sugar ginger beer.

Dangerous Ginger Beer has Caribbean roots. The extracts were formulated by extensive connections to the islands by flavor professionals who brought back the prominent ginger root flavor that vacationers had fallen in love with over the years. More than peppery hotness, this beverage offers the authentic, Jamaican ginger beer that works so well with vodka, gin, and rum.hotmon

The name was concocted by Hosmer Mountain Bottling Company, a hundred year old bottler from Willimantic, CT.

After discovering the drink through a co-packing job, Hosmer, being upfront and honest, described it on their roadside sign as “dangerous” ginger beer because of the level of spice. Turns out that new people took note and stopped in regularly out of curiosity perhaps. The name stuck, and still describes what Jamaicans themselves give the thumbs up sign for.