Dark & Stormy

The name says it all. This drink has a deep and strong essence just right for those brooding nights with only your thoughts and your drink to keep you company. Or the Dark & Stormy can quickly warm you and your loved ones on a freezing winter evening.

Moscow Mule

Easy. Simple. Refreshing. Tasty. The Moscow Mule made with Dangerous Ginger Beer is a standard for our clients. Vodka is almost always available in homes with a liquor cabinet. Just don’t forget to pick up the limes on the way home from work!

A Furlong Too Late

If you are a fan of white rum, you are probably way ahead of us here. This cocktail is astounding in its simplicity of ingredients and its complexity of a well-rounded taste profile. The island flavor of white rum is a true compliment to Dangerous Ginger Beer.

Shady Grove

What an interesting and fulfilling drink! Sweet and zesty, aromatic and spicy. We suggest this drink for a picnic by the lake, or it will fast become a holiday party favorite. Definitely for sharing, Shady Grove is a fantastic conversation starter, lending itself well to discussion of its layers. My little love, my little darlin’.

Horse’s Neck

Traditionally made with ginger ale, the Dangerous Ginger Beer take on a Horse’s Neck puts a bounce in the horse’s step. For a sturdy palate, your favorite whiskey is ideal. If you are looking for a softer taste profile, brandy smooths out this drink quite nicely.

Watermelon Moscow Mule

This is one of our favorite cocktails here at Hosmer Mountain Soda. The sweet and supple profile of the watermelon, coupled with the tangy punch of the lime, is a sensational addition to the spice of Dangerous Ginger Beer. Watermelon Moscow Mule will make a terrific adult alternative to the typical punch bowl your next… Read more »

Kentucky Mule

Are you looking for a refreshing beverage for long summer evenings spent winding down on the porch with more kick than a Mint Julep? Would you like to make an impression with complex tastes but without much hassle? We highly suggest this Dangerous Ginger Beer Kentucky Mule for the discerning drinker.

Ginger-Blood Orange Cocktail

Sweeter than a margarita, spicier than a tequila sunrise, this recipe packs tons of flavor into one glass! Be careful to pay attention – this one is so smooth and tasty, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. Enjoy as a cool summer refreshment, or add a couple of cloves for a nostalgic winter flavor.